Strawberry Fields Forever

Sunday, June 7, 2015

We took my sister on a trip out to The Fruit and Berry Patch to pick strawberries last month. Although the berries were small, they were delicious! Reese is our big strawberry lover so she was quite excited!  Preston just loved the idea of picking, picking sticks, red berries, green berries, bugs, and all. It didn't matter what it was he wanted to pick it and put it in his bucket.  This little guy sure is into doing everything that everyone else is doing and when it came time to carry a bucket, you better believe he wanted one of his own.  He loved that much so that we couldn't leave without buying one on the way out...oh well!  Who doesn't love a good bucket?

 This little girl is growing up waaay too fast! 

And one more little gem from our time picking strawberries circa 2013...

See what I mean? She's growing up SO fast!

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