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This page has lacked some love...what was supposed to be a month by month update has turned into a sporadic update and truthfully, we became so busy, I might have forgot about it. So here are a few bits and pieces...


Preston - 20 months

Language: pees (please), mama (finally!), boo, bye

Motor: running, almost jumping

Physical: more teeth

Preston - 19 months

Language: uh-oh, ouchy, da (ta-da), mo (more) 

Motor: almost running, trying to jump

Physical: molars are poking through

Preston - 18 months

weight: 21 pounds 10 ounces (7th percentile)
height 31.5" (25th percentile)
head circumference 46.5 cm (25th percentile)

Language: ooos (shoes), eese (Reese), dada

Motor: walking, walking backward, trying to run

Physical: teething terribly

Preston - 15 months

weight: 20 pounds 9 ounces (5th percentile)
height: 30.75" (40th percentile)
head circumference: 46.5 cm (25th percentile)

Language: ooos (shoes)

Motor: barely walking, crawling like a machine, cruising

Physical: more teeth
Preston - 12 months

weight: 18 pounds 15 ounces (10th percentile)
height: 29" (25th percentile)
head circumference: 45 cm (30th percentile)

Preston - 9 months

weight: 16 pounds 13 ounces
height: 28.5"
head circumference: 45 cm


Reese - 36 months

weight: 30 pounds (50th percentile)
height: 38" (75th percentile)

Reese - 18 months

Language: Angela (Angaa)



Reese - 17 months

Language: movie, Amber (Ambaa), Hathan (Atan), open, balloon, book

Motor: walking over different leveled grounding by herself, stepping over things, stepping up onto a small height

Physical: more molars

Reese - 16 months

Language: water (wa-wa), up, on, Yo Gabba Gabba (O-Ba-Ba - her current obsession!), Pat-Pat (Bat-Bat), mermaid (mer-ma), rainbow, bow, moon, bravo, apple, "o", milk (mil-mil-mil), all done, baby, nose, eye, cheese (cheesh), wow, please (pleesh)

Motor: running, spinning in circles, climbing down stairs, cleaning up, "walking" on her knees, walking backwards

Physical: first molars

Reese - 15 months

Weight: 19 pounds 6 ounces
Height: 30 1/2 inches

Language: hi, bye, mama, dada, uh-oh (her fave!), bubble, ball, bottle (nana), JJ (Auntie Jocelyn's name),  night-night, waffle (bobble), football (botball), hot, shhh, thank you (dat too)

Motor: walking, climbing up stairs, rolling the ball, climbing up onto things

Reese is growing physically, mentally, and emotionally so quickly each day.  I thought this would be the best way to continually document her milestones for you all to follow tale by tale as they happen. (Although some of these skills were learned before 15 months, I listed all her current skills up to that point under the 15 months subtitle.)

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