our fairy tale

Creed and I met at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

But first, let me start from the beginning...

A grad school classmate, and friend of mine, was engaged to Creed's roommate.  My friend and her fiancĂ©, myself, and a few other friends headed out to a Jason Aldean concert.  While dancing and singing the night away, we got on the topic of southern gentlemen and my need for one in my life.  I told my classmate and her fiancĂ© I needed them to find Prince Charming for me.  She replied, "I know exactly who it will be!"  I figured she would be a good resource considering she had lived in Knoxville for several years and she knew people everywhere we went.  Being that this mystery man she spoke of worked overseas, planning a meeting was quite a challenge.  A few months passed and finally the opportunity arose.

Creed had a tradition of getting a cabin in the Smoky Mountains for all of his friends to get together every time he came home and so it would be, we would meet at his cabin he rented for the weekend.

The night was fabulous and we all had a blast.  Although he seemed like a fantastic guy, I tried not to get too excited, knowing he would be heading back overseas the following day not to return for another three months.  I figured, at best, we might bump into each other at a football tailgate the next time he was home.  Still, we exchanged phone numbers.

A phone call from him the next day was a great start.  Unfortunately, it was to say his grandfather passed away just before he was supposed to leave, postponing his trip.  It was because of this a relationship blossomed.  As they say, one ending always leads to a new beginning.

We had phone dates every day and met for a few more lunch dates before he headed back to Afghanistan.   I figured that would be the end.  But much to my surprise, the phone dates never ended.  We talked every single day for hours upon hours.  What started as two strangers soon became two friends.

We met again at New Year's as I invited him to meet me in Canada.  It didn't take any convincing that time, but after experiencing record cold temperatures that trip, I think any trip to Canada from here on out will require a tremendous amount of convincing.  Once again, his trip back to Afghanistan was postponed, this time business-related.  That's when I knew.  It was that extra week we spent together back in Tennessee that I realized we had developed a great relationship, not like any I had ever experienced before. Two friends had become best friends in such a short time.

I had found my Prince Charming. Turns out he doesn't always have a white horse. Sometimes he can be found driving a Ford truck.

The crazy things love does to you is incredible.  It truly was (and continues to be) a wild ride. Amazingly wild.  Things moved quickly.  We planned a small but sweet wedding at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

We married March 20, 2010.

And now I have my happily ever after with my Prince Charming.

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