Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 31, 2014

We had a very happy Halloween indeed!

We started the day with a Halloween preschool party, complete with spooky songs!  She has been singing these songs all week!
(Reese is second from the end at the back of the circle, just to the left of the witch.)

Preschool Halloween Party 2014 from Kara Williams on Vimeo.

We had been watching the weather forecast due to this impending doom of our first snow scheduled for Halloween night, with rain predicted to start during the ideal trick-or-treating hours, BUT we headed out a little early and made it all around the neighborhood with just a few sprinkles on our way home!   I wasn't really sure how in to trick-or-treating Preston would be given that he's only 22 months old, but I definitely underestimated his love for the game!  

It was so fun to watch the little dragon run around, and even sweeter to watch him watch Reese.  He stood off to the side and let the princess do the talking and then would squeal with pure joy.  Then he would run up after her, smile really big for the candy, wave and say bye-bye, and then chase after Reese again trying to make it to the next house before he was skipped over.  His poor little legs just weren't quite big enough to keep up with her yet!  

The crazy dragon would blow quite the fire if we dare put his head piece on, but he really enjoyed ringing the door bells!  They took turn ringing as they are always a highlight around here!  

(Here is one of the entire dragon from another event a couple weeks ago.)

 Hope you all had a happy 
and not-too-spooky Halloween!

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