Happy 4th Birthday Reese!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Time truly goes too fast.  I swear it even fast-forwards some days.  I mean she's four today...how the heck did that happen? That's 1,460 days already since this first day I met her...

(Photo by 5RingsPhoto)

She's a wild one. A sweet one. A sassy one. An opinionated one. She is very creative and so smart. She's wise beyond her years. And she's sneaky too!

I love that she loves to go shopping now. She's totally in to picking out not only her own outfit, but mine and Creed's too!  I love that we can sing songs on the radio together!  Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" is a pretty big deal around here these days! I love that she calls Hershey's Kisses "horsey's kissers".  I love that when she falls down or she is shy in a new environment, she still needs me and when it is time to go to bed, she still wants a bedtime story. I know the days that I'm not needed for all of these things are just around the corner and it makes me ridiculously emotional to even think about it.

She has grown up so much this year, matured out of toddlerhood into a young child. She is doing well socially with others and making best friends.  She is playing sports and loving them!  She is taking responsibility at home, using manners without prompt, doing chores, and her favorite: enforcing the rules for her little brother.  Her enthusiasm for life continues to be contagious, her thought process fascinating, and her sense of humor hilarious.

We celebrated big this past weekend with lots of friends and family!

Thank you Jocelyn for helping make everything come together!

Cake and ice cream cone cake pops by Natalie at Natty Em's Cupcakes!  She is the most creative and fabulous food artist you'll come by!  Seriously though, look at how cute those cake pops turned out!

We love Shop Sweet Lulu for fun decorations.  
They can make any party you can think of look amazing! 

 So much fun with best friends!

 The ice cream men!

Reese has never participated in a piñata before so be sure to check out her face in this next one in the top right corner...so glad we caught this one on camera!

I couldn't be more proud to be her mama, mommy, and mom. Her threenager year has been a difficult one (I can't even begin to think about what her teenager years might be like), but it has been a such a good one too!  I can't wait to see what this next year is all about.
I just hope the clock slows down a bit!

Happiest birthday to you 
my little Reesey Roo!  
I love you!

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