Gone Pickin'

Friday, August 22, 2014

We cruised up the interstate with friends for a new adventure today, headed to the holler where the hills roll, the country accents thicken, and the fruit flourishes.  
That would be The Fruit and Berry Patch.  

Rockers lined the front porch.  Three old men that ran the place could be found kicked back in their woven lawn chairs reading the paper with toothpicks in their mouths.  And when we were given directions on where to pick grapes and apples, one of the men pointed to a hand-drawn map and it went a little somethin' like this...
Head back this away (points to behind the building), up past the sheep and goats, and yull see the grapes.  Them at the front are picked but yull find good ones here at the back (points to the end of the rows).  Y'all getcha some samples, go down a ways and getcha some more samples.  If you like em, cut em.  Now the apples, you gotta go this away (points to the front).  You like Cortlands?  Y'all ever have a Cortland?   Some folks here yesterday got some nice ones.  You check aisles 8 and 9.  You like Jonamacs?  Yull find them in aisle 5.  My favorites are the Mutsu's.  Y'all like them?  Yull have to come back next month for them.  They turn yellow and boy, those are good ones.  Same thing, getcha some samples and find the ones ya like...
True southern hospitality.  Another reason I love to call the South my home.
So after our apple lesson, we headed out back.

We found the sheep, and the goats, and sure enough, on the far side of their pen, rows and rows of grapes lined the area.

The grapes were super delicious, but obviously they are not grown seedless and they were not such a big hit with the kids.

 This poor little guy was getting so frustrated trying to walk through the tall grass.

I just love these two photos of Preston and both together in the dirt road.

I thought Reese was reaching over to put her arm around Preston in this one and thought I might catch such a sweet picture, but things took a turn for the worse.  Turns out Reese had a rock in her hand and threw it at his head.
True sibling love. 

 The boys feeding the goats the grapes we picked.

We found the cutest farm dog too...or farm bear. 

Next up, headed back down the hill to the apples...

We drove back to the main building to weigh in and shop around. Their little store was filled with every jam and jelly you could think of and all kinds of other Southern goodness, like apple butter and chow-chow.

What a bargain too!  11 apples for $3.27!

"Y'all come back now ya hear?"

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