Monday, May 13, 2013

hello out there! i still exist and so does this blog...things have turned upside down since the last post and they're still going around and around. all for the good most days. hopefully i can become a little more present in the very near future with lots of catching up to do! it is a goal for 2013. i'm just fashionably late...a common theme nowadays.

anyhow, i'm starting a new thought: quote of the day. reese has beyond exceeded my expectations for what a two year old is capable of and included in that is her vocabulary and sentence structure mixed along with wit. it blows my mind. so with that said, i need to be documenting more of everything and this would be the perfect place to do it so you, too, can laugh with me.

without further ado...while cleaning the yogurt off of reese's face, she says...

QOTD: "Mama, what is that on my chinny chin chin?"

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