happy halloween!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

i don't know how weeks and weeks go by so fast.  i have every intention to update this thing weekly if not more and then next thing i know, a whole month has gone by. they're not lying when they say time flies by, especially once you have children.

with that being said, halloween was fabulous this year!  i worked a lot this past week making up some vacation days spent in magical places so i missed a few events this year, but reese sure didn't miss a thing! unfortunately, we missed daddy this year at all of the festivities too! lindsey, our nanny, is too good to her and made sure she didn't miss an event.

halloween started off last friday at a local park at freaky friday, a huge community event that's held (and packed with kids) every year.

(puppy kisses!)

saturday we made a costume change and headed out to 4 events.  i was able to make it to the first and lindsey took over from there! first up, the toy store, smart toys and books, fun and games...

second, on to barnes and noble for more fun and games.  (on a side note, she's finally getting back in to her books again! yay!)

 (action shot!)

third stop, trader joes for candy and crafts...

a nap intermission and then dinner and boo at the zoo with lindsey and her husband.  reese is quite fond of lindsey's husband...so cute!  she sure loves the boys in her life!

also a big lover of any dressed up character! her eyes light EVERY time!

the cold front rolled in sunday and made for miserable weather so unfortunately we had to cancel halloween plans for sunday and tuesday. although much colder, halloween was back on!

tuesday evening, we were "boo-ed"...reese loved it and the surprise package was so sweet and thoughtful!

we started the day with a playgroup party at our house this morning.  reese was a big help stirring cookie dough (she loves to bake, especially if eggs are involved!) and hanging spiders in the cobwebs!

(mummy dogs!) 

 (mummy juice!)

 (reese's playgroup pals, minus one and reese)

 (the newest playgroup additions...and in less than 3 months and we will be adding 2 more!)

and then finally, trick-or-treating tonight. she had a blast!  her favorite line of the evening: "where are we going next, mama?" 

we finished the halloween extravaganza with 3 buckets full of candy and more sugar rushes than we ever needed!

Hope you all enjoyed Halloween as much as we did!

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Jessica E. said...

Love the cupcake costume on her!