lots and lots

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I have lots and lots to catch up on here.  But it won't be happening just yet.  Juggling full-time work, a wild toddler, and pregnancy all on my own has been pushing the limits of my super-mom powers.  Tonight, we are counting down the hours and tossing and turning through the night in excitement because Daddy comes home tomorrow!  Looking forward to happy tears in just a few more hours! (Thank you raging pregnancy hormones where you think the word "tear" and they come spraying out before you can even say the word!)

photo by Katherine Birkbeck
A photo from Daddy's last homecoming...more to come from that story soon.

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One Response to “lots and lots”

Katie said...

I feel like I could have written many variations of this post over the last year or so. I am SO excited for you hubby to be home and for you guys to be a family again. Life is so much better with hubby/daddy home. This picture is priceless for so many reasons. Enjoy your time together!! :)