customer appreciation day

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

for those who haven't heard, we looove chick-fil-a. they specialize in chicken with a slogan of "eat mor chikin" declared by cows, hence the misspelling.  it's a fabulous place with an attempt to make fast-food healthier, cooking everything in peanut oil and serving kids meals with yogurt and fruit instead of fries (although everyone loves their waffle fries!) and lots of child-friendly activities.  and the service.  the customer service is phenomenal.  especially when you are lone mama trying to carry a tray with 2 drinks, a toddler, a camera, and a diaper bag, stopping for straws, ketchup, and napkins. don't forget the extra napkins. and a few extra after that. we have made it tradition to go most tuesday nights for "kids night" when the cow comes out.  watching reese see the cow for the first time each week never gets old. her excitement is priceless.  they have a different sponsor each week to do arts and crafts with the children, they hand out balloons, and the cow wanders the restaurant.  the employees are sweet and southern and we love it.  their sweet tea can't be beat and with a catch phrase of "my pleasure" after every "thank you" you can't help but smile. i had a rotation during PA school about 45 minutes away and a departure time of about 6AM so i would stop almost every morning to get breakfast and a sweet tea to keep me awake during the drive.  i smiled every morning when i pulled up to the window to hear, "it's a greaaat day at chick-fil-a. this is judy (pronounced juuudy). how may i help youuuu?". imagine that in the most southern accent possible. perfect. i've also heard that the employees' families eat free once a week and for all of the high school employees (most are in high school), the managers sit down with their parents weekly during those free dinners to discuss how well their child is doing at work.  what a great idea!  with all that said, they recently had a customer appreciation day. reese experienced her first ride and her first lollipop.  we are not the only ones who love chick-fil-a so dearly so we (amber, my sister-in-law joined us too) thought we would get there early to beat the rush and head home once it was crowded. we could not get reese away from the train, or the cow, so we stayed from start to finish...

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