Sunday, March 11, 2012

reese had her ear tubes put in friday morning and did really well with the surgery.  she has gained a terrible fear of doctors or anything related (unfortunately, i guess she has inherited a bad gene of mine) so every time a nurse would open the door to the lobby to call a patient back, she would start crying.  i knew that couldn't be good for what was about to come when they actually called out "reese".  about an hour later, they did.  she screamed.  and screamed.  and once again, we were told numerous times we have a feisty one.  yes, we know.  they had to give her the "happy juice" just to take her vitals.  the nurse assured us that after about ten minutes we would notice a big difference in her behavior and they would take the vitals at that point.  she must have forgotten that she was just telling us how feisty reese was because that wasn't about to happen.  they tried again at fifteen minutes and still with no luck, gave up. Ha. The OR nurse came out and forced some vitals out of her which made her really happy and then all of a sudden, the versed must have kicked in. they took her from me to take her back to the OR and she didn't scream at all. definitely not like her. all in all she was gone just long enough to totally freak daddy out, a whole ten minutes.  (note to self: after seeing his look of panic during our tornado warnings last weekend and him pacing the floor on the verge of tears during her surgery this past week, i now know i will always have two people to take care of.) reese came out in no time but they weren't kidding when they said she would come out of the anesthesia angry. she was crazy and all kinds of angry. that lasted about 30 minutes and they cleared us to go home. we were home within 2 hours from our arrival time.  reese was sleepy and clingy for the first 2 hours, ate a whole bunch, slept for 4 hours, and then woke up as if nothing ever happened...

creed is off to afghanistan today for the next month, but the good news is that when he returns that means we only have 3 days left until our vacation/late honeymoon! although he is missing our second anniversary, and reese's first easter egg hunt, and pictures with the easter bunny, and easter itself, he will be back just in time for my birthday and what really matters, our big trip! reese and i will be super busy while he's gone and will have lots of visitors stopping by during that time too so i'm sure the time will fly by and it will feel like yesterday that i was dreaming of swinging in this hammock...

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Katie said...

This story makes me laugh. Reese reminds me a lot of 1 year old Kylie! She had to get sedated for a hearing test when she was about 18 months old and it sounds like she reacted just like Reese. I can't even count how many times people have told me she is "feisty." I know being feisty, or "determined," or "strong willed," will be very beneficial to them in the future and they will be wonderful, successful girls but... Lord help me until then. Haha! I hope you plan on lots of tropical vacations to keep your sanity. Ha! Good luck single mama-ing while Creed is gone. I just did a month of it and I am SO ready for another beach vacay already! Thanks again for the invite to the Paddy's Day Pancakes! Sounds like a blast! Can't wait to see pics!! :)