by the sea

Saturday, February 11, 2012

well we didn't quite make it to florida, or the real sea, as reese has her fourth round of ear infections, this round much worse than the previous three. this time we are dealing with bullous myringitis. if you've never heard of this, let me picture it for you...

ear drum with blisters. all kinds of pain. all kinds of infection.  we have gone through two antibiotics and three rounds of antibiotic shots and so far, we still have two bright red, infected ear drums.  we are hoping the last shot reese had friday will clear them up over the weekend.  after four visits to the pediatrician in six days, reese is very much aware of exactly where she is and exactly what will happen next the second we walk in that office.  let the white-coat phobia, doctor drama begin!

after seven days of fever, reese had her first day of no fever today. yay!  to celebrate we headed to the gatlinburg aquarium, the next best sea in tennessee and a perfect place to be when it is 28 degrees and snowing.

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