sweet and sour

Sunday, January 29, 2012

sweet and sour describes our weekend well.

although we had many sweet moments, we had lots of sour moments this weekend, many more than we have thus far.  reese has certainly reached the toddler phase and is surprising us with more and more sneak peeks of the terrible twos.

today was a rough one. poor auntie jj had to witness a tantrum first-hand via skype. (reese meant to say sorry in between kicks and throws!)
we shall relive the sweet moments of the weekend.

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One Response to “sweet and sour”

Katie said...

No way that pretty little face could be anything but sweet!! BUT, I more than totally know and understand where you are coming from!! Toddlers are wonderful and will bring you incredible joy but can frustrate you in ways you never knew possible! That is why God made them so cute, right? Just wait until she turns 3... :)