turkey weekend

Monday, December 19, 2011

our trip to florida was short and sweet to say the least.  we crammed in family, friends, and the beach in the quick 72 hour trip. these trips are never long enough!

papaw and great-grandma

auntie jocelyn watching her go!

and go!

and go!

it was super nice to have black friday start at midnight so this year we could enjoy the crazy shopping and the beach all in one day!

not a fan of the sand, but loved the ice cold water!

"scary" animal parties with kendall

lunch with lots of friends and little ones...i wasn't sure how this would work out but it was fabulous! 5 moms, 3 one-day moms, and 7 tiny ones between 3 months and 8 years.

piper and kylie

newly-engaged megan and her borrowed ella

jocelyn, reese and the gorski family

the whole crew
back row: megan, katie, piper, megan, lily, jess, jocelyn, ella, kelly, peyton
front row: kylie, reese, me, kendall.

miss you all greatly! can't wait until our next reunion!

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One Response to “turkey weekend”

Katie said...

Loved seeing you and Reese! That lunch was crazy but so much fun! Thank you for getting everyone together!! Reese s just SOO cute!! :)