ice, ice, baby

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

we spent the weekend in nashville doing the christmas tourist thing, complete with a tour of the opryland hotel, and the ice display. creed and i also got an extra day in the city to ourselves for date night and a double date to the nfl game, titans vs saints.  my first nfl game by the way!

back to ice, the 40,000 square foot display was made of 2 million pounds of ice and carved by 40 ice carvers from harbin, china.  quite impressive!  the entire display was kept at 9 degrees fahrenheit so we were furnished with fabulous parkas! the colors were fabulous too! the theme this year was merry madagascar, but themes in the past have included the grinch and charlie brown's christmas.  also made of ice were the 20 foot slides and a clear nativity scene finale! i had to include tons of pictures so you could try to imagine just how amazing the sculptures were!

reese and reid chatting about what to do next while they wait in line

note: i did not gain 500 pounds overnight...notice the small hat poking out the top. both reese and reid decided to fall asleep in line and missed the entire display. because reese fell asleep prior to our parka fittings, i had to zip her up in mine.

auntie amber hiding in the background!

 the whole crew: auntie amber, pat-pat, grandpa don, and ashley with sleeping reid.

keep in mind this was all ice!

the 20-foot ice slide

the nativity scene finale

our sleepy little reindeer woke up just in time for the gift shop at the exit!

oh well! this, too, will be much more fun next year!

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One Response to “ice, ice, baby”

GGD said...

It looks like an amazing display!Glad the adults enjoyed it - Reid and Reese-maybe next year.