oakes farm

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

we spent our last sunday afternoon with grandma down on the farm. oakes farm that is. auntie amber joined in the fun to be had too. fun including everything from slides and a petting zoo to 5 miles of twisty turning corn maze and a hayride to the pumpkin patch.  reese's fave: the tractor pulling the hay wagon (seen in the second to last picture)!

each year the corn maze is cut/designed by one of the top corn maze cutters and dedicated to a significant event from the year. this year was dedicated to trevor bayne, a local knoxville, tennessee boy who won the 2011 daytona 500 nascar race at only 20 years old. notice trevor's face to the left and his race car with the number 21 to the right. pretty creative! 

fall is lots of fun around here. festivals every weekend. we've been spoiled with 70 and 80 degree temperatures up to this point. however fall is about to smack us in the face as our high is said to be 56 degrees tomorrow! say it isn't so! boots are cute but i'm just not ready!

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