hurt vs. heart

Sunday, October 16, 2011

a young girl appeared in the emergency department, and while she should have been celebrating her 24th birthday with her family, she laid in a hospital bed, sister by her side and parents frantic in the waiting room, marked by bruises from head to waist and cuts in between, attacked by her husband with cutting shears. unfortunately that wasn't her first time in that situation because of her husband's mental illness.  it was her 7th experience. and as hard as it is to say, it probably wouldn't be her last.  how do you tell someone the person they love is so sick, mentally and emotionally sick, that they could kill them?  how do you explain to her that although they agreed to spend the rest of their lives together, the right thing to do is to run away from him?  how do you convince her that it is better for her child to be without a father?  how do you let her leave your presence knowing that she could be the next statistic of spousal homicide?


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