Friday, August 5, 2011

i was boston-bound a few weeks ago for one of the most amazing experiences.
christopher was singing america's national anthem at the all-american fenway park in front of 37,400 people (christopher was sure to interject at every opportunity to give us the statistics of the park...too cute!).

i landed at boston-logan international bright and early thursday morning to await jocelyn's arrival.  from there we cabbed it to our hotel just in time to change and head to fenway park for the soundcheck.  and there we were. 

on the field of fenway park. not a soul in the seats. not a grey cloud in the sky. not a peep to be heard...

except christopher's sweet little voice. "i'm going to stand right here. i'm going to hold the mic just like this. there is a lot of echo here." and his biggest concern..."make sure the announcer says christopher duffley when introduces me tonight." nevermind the fact that he is about to sing in front of his largest crowd yet. all will be perfect as long as he is introduced as christopher duffley. 

and christopher duffley it was.

christopher at fenway from Kara Williams on Vimeo.

 we finished the evening watching the red sox beat the orioles next to 40 of christopher's biggest fans (principal, vice principal, teachers, friends, therapists, etc.) and 37,000 of his newest fans.
a big thank you to the whole duffley clan for letting us be a part of this special day!

in between the sound check and the big game later that night we headed down to faneuil hall to have lunch wharf-side with a long-lost friend from university of miami. 

with a marriage and baby in my life and a bachelorette party and wedding just weeks away in her life, and of course the 7 years in between now and our last meeting, we had lots to catch up on.

 the following day jocelyn and i took advantage of a big comfy bed, thick curtains, no baby, and no schedule to sleep in and stay in bed till noon. the best sleep i've had in more than a year. much needed. 

we later hopped on the T to the sam adams brewery.

we learned the proper technique to sample beer.

and then finished the evening with dinner on newbury street, dessert at finale desserterie, and live music over another sam adams at the original cheers watching the red sox game in true boston fashion.

creed arrived late that night due to a missed flight leaving only about 36 hours to the see the city. creed had never been to boston so him and i got up early the next morning to cram in as much as possible. being the die-hard baseball fanatic he is, fenway park was our first stop.

we took a behind-the-scenes tour learning all the fun facts and history of the park. we were able to go up into "the green monster" (the seats above the scoreboard only available by raffle) and see the citgo "c (see) it go" sign that batters often aim for.

we then headed to the wharf to meet up with jocelyn, christine, and christopher for lunch at the barking crab.

we parted ways as jocelyn flew back to seattle and chris and chris headed back to new hampshire for his next extravaganza singing "take me out to the ballgame" at another baseball game. creed and i headed to the harpoon brewery.

we then headed back to fenway (my fourth visit in 48 hours) for another (creed's first!) red sox vs orioles game!

what a fabulous jam-packed yet relaxing weekend get-away!
looking forward to our next one as we venture out to seattle to visit jocelyn in a couple weeks!

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