reese's 8th and 9th months

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a little late, but better late than never...
reese continues to grow right on track, still petite, but perfect, weighing 16 pounds 2 ounces.
event of the month (or last 2 months): teeth! finally! not one but two!
look at my 2 teeth!

reese has two teeth coming in now.  her first popped up june 1st and the second quickly after, june 13th. this whole teething process has caused quite the shake up in our great sleep routine! she is hardly sleeping these days! she is standing lots, hanging on to coffee tables and ottomans.  she is scooting backwards on her belly, but not yet crawling forward.  i think she may walk before she crawls.  she despises spending any time on her belly so learning to crawl is a bit of a challenge.  if placed on her belly, she just rolls onto her back. we've just barely got the backward scoot out of her so i've since bought her a push toy to hopefully encourage walking instead.  she enjoys standing with one foot on top of the other, flamingo-style, so hopefully this new toy will teach her walking works much better with two feet. she is talking with a purpose now, telling stories and ordering directions, or at least we think she is.

reese has slowed down her eating these last few weeks.  she picks and chooses which days she feels like eating, but she is still maintaining her weight. i'm guessing her teething is effecting her appetite too. we haven't tried many foods outside of baby foods due to my fear of her choking but we will get there. while on vacation in canada, reese tried plain spaghetti. she seemed to like it and definitely enjoyed playing with it.  she also tried strawberries and really liked them. she is doing really well feeding herself, her faves being gerber yogurt melts and veggie dip lil crunchies. breastfeeding has come to an end.  we made it to about 8 months when reese weaned herself. i'm so thankful we made it that far for all of the health benefits.  on another note, we are learning just how expensive formula can be.
reese finally measures up to her growth chart at 26" and is standing all by herself!

reese is turning into quite the girl.  it's so hard to believe she is 9 months old!

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Anonymous said...

Just seems like yesterday she was born. She is standing so well in that picture- maybe she will walk before she crawls. The teeth really show up now. She is just too cute. We are lucky to have her in our lives. Grandma D