destination: winnipeg, manitoba, canada

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

reese went on her first big trip last month.  i was quite anxious about the whole traveling with a baby thing.  with creed stuck home working, i was super thankful jocelyn and i could arrange our travel plans to go together...just in case. just in case my worst nightmares came true. about 10 minutes in, i thought for sure every last nightmare was quickly becoming a reality. when speaking to delta, i arranged for "infant-in-arms" but when we got to the desk to check in, there was a huge ordeal about it being an "international" flight and nothing was arranged properly.  meanwhile, about 5 minutes after creed dropped us off, jocelyn reminded me of the notarized letter we needed from creed granting me the permission to take reese over the border without him...the letter we completely forgot to write and didn't exist.  as the delta agents are making call after call to various supervisors about what to do with reese, and creed is rushing to the bank to attempt to get a quick note notarized, reese kindly decides now would be a perfect time to throw her pacifier disappearing into thin air and explode in her pants.  needless to say, my anxiety level was skyrocketing. and then creed texted to say he got a ticket. and then the agent said we would have to pay more for reese. and then creed called to say the bank had already closed and there would be no notarized letter. perfect.
delta fixed the infant-in-arms situation for $12. creed wrote a consent letter on the back of receipt paper and had the gate agent witness it. (we crossed our fingers for the lack of a notary part.) jocelyn cleaned reese and put her back together. some nice stranger behind us found the missing pacifier. and a few deep breaths later we were off to security.
all in all, reese was a trooper and did great both there and back.
we had a great time relaxing with family friends and spending many days playing yahtzee and crib and yahtzee and more crib. it was so nice to see everyone and i'm so glad reese was finally able to meet her Canadian family!
the pilot was quite excited about reese.
cousin lily and reese played a long game of lily puts the bib on reese, reese rips it off, and repeat. over and over and over again.
just-like-grandparents june and larry
uncle doug
aunt elaine
auntie dona-leigh
uncle ken
cousin mason
cousins mason & lily
auntie linda

i am so sad to see there are no pictures of reese with great-grandma davis!  i can't believe this happened and this will not happen again!  i can report we had a great time with ggd and certainly wouldn't know what to do without her! 

so nice to see you all!  we miss you already!

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