reese's 7th month

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

reese is growing, too much and too quickly for my own pleasure.
the event of this month is a continuation of last: sitting. she is much more steady on her bum. 

she is sitting so well these days.  she is able to look up without tumbling backwards and she is stretching to reach so far ahead of her. her drooling has picked up a lot in the last couple of weeks so perhaps we are getting even closer to some toofers! she is still blabbing all day long. she experiments with all kinds of noises and this past week she has added a fabulous fart noise, which she LOVES.  me, not so much. i can't help but laugh when she does it because she gets so excited about it and she thinks it's hilarious herself, but i hate to laugh and encourage the terrible noise.  oh well.  she has backed off on the "panting" but will still occasionally do it.  she has also recently decided she is hilarious and laughs at everything everyone does and everything she does. her laughs add a lot of my laughs and a whole lot of laughter altogether.

as for her diet, we are still chugging along consuming lots.  we do a lot of eating and drinking these days. i think she is maintaining her 15th percentile status so that's great. she seems to be starting to wean herself off breastfeeding.  she's much less interested these days and it takes a whole lot more effort to make it happen.  i foresee more pumping in my near future.

we are spending the next few weeks without daddy as he was off to afghanistan last monday for 22 days!

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