dearest dolly

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

speaking of books, the good ole sweet southern bell, dolly parton, has invented the best of inventions with the best of intentions, dolly's imagination library.  with this program, each child in our county (among several other counties in the area) receive a book in the mail each month until the age of 5, the first always "The Little Engine That Could" and the last always "Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come".  not only does every child, privileged or not so privileged, receive a book, but each child has the joy and excitement of running to the mailbox each month to look for their book! until reese is capable of running, i will be filling in.


january is currently m.i.a.



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One Response to “dearest dolly”

Suburbs of Utopia said...

i think i retrieved january from the mailbox... and forget to tell anyone... and cannot recall what book it was... but on a lighter note, I LOVE the button!! it's cute... as a button!! ahaaha lourve your seattle-bound sister