Tuesday, March 8, 2011

with a board review conference booked and a very missed best friend in orlando and with a much-needed vacation to follow, we were florida-bound...

we broke the trip up by staying with jocelyn's friends, katie and sweet little kylie, in valdosta, georgia.

we finally made it to kelley's...

kelley and i met another dearly missed best friend, steph, for breakfast and ventured out to the market for some music and swinging
reese loved her first swing experience!

next stop was the disney contemporary resort, our home for the next five days, where jocelyn and reese played all day and i learned all i could possibly learn crammed into 4 1/2 days. reese celebrated her first valentine's poolside.
 hope your valentine's day was filled with as much love as reese is full of teething slobber!

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