sweet gone sour

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our SWEET, sweet little baby princess AKA Reese decided to give us a little test Friday night...test of patience, test of love, test of life.  I think we passed, but man, did it take all we had to not run away to Bora Bora in the middle of the night.  So we survived.  One night of torture in the bag.

But one test is not enough, why not test Mom and Dad a second time?  Surely, they need practice for all the years to come...
And that is just what Miss Priss decided to do today.

It all began when Reese decided to go to sleep around 10PM last night.  I went up to bed and Creed brought her in around 1AM after finishing some work from home.  I thought he was bringing her in to feed, but to what I assumed to be a pleasant surprise, she was still sleeping so we all went to sleep.  Finally around 2:30AM she woke up.  She's way too young to be sleeping that long at one time (although it would be nice, she needs to eat more frequently per doctor's orders), but I was pretty much unconscious from the exhaustion of the previous 10 days that I didn't wake up any sooner either.  So I fed her and thought she'd go right back to sleep.  HA!  She had different plans.  

We've been battling gas so she's really having a hard time sleeping at times and I just feel awful for her pain.  Come 7AM she was still awake.  Maybe the 5 hour nap was not such a pleasant surprise after all.  Dad took over and got about an hour of sleep in before it was time to go to the doctor for a weight check.  As I was changing her diaper (which she DESPISES) and putting her new clothes on (which she despises even more), pee poured out of the top of the diaper.  Another diaper.  Another outfit.  10 more minutes of baby anger.  We rushed out to the car, now borderline late, and hit the road for the 5 minute drive to the pediatrician.  Surely we won't need another outfit or burp cloth for the 30 minutes total we will be out of the house.  She's only ever spit up twice in her short life and it was barely enough to call spit up.  60 seconds into the ride, she broke in her car seat with a huge fountain of spit up.  Another outfit.  Apparently, the rush to the car did not go over very well with her.  We made it to the doctor and it was as if we had just picked up a brand new Reese, no gas, no crying, and fully alert without hiccups.  We stayed about 45 minutes, due to a 2-page list of questions I had after a very long weekend, and she didn't make a peep the entire time.  We undressed (which she hates), we changed her diaper (which she hates), the doctor did all the poking and prodding necessary (without any fight).  Another diaper.  And when she walked out, Creed and I just looked at each other and said "Seriously?"  We were laughing but secretly terrified of what was to come when we walked out.  It was as if the White Coat Syndrome had the opposite effect on her and she was completely calmed by the whole idea of sitting in a white-walled, cold, doctor's office.  Perhaps she will be a doctor one day.  We knew we were in for it when we got home because this was just to good to be true.

She had dirtied another diaper by the time we got home and when Creed went to change her, the fussing started.  Another diaper.  Before he could finally get the clean diaper on, she began pooping all over.  He did get the second one just in time to catch the pee, that later came pouring out the top.  As he ran to the sink to flush her of all the goods that came spewing out, she began pooping in his hand.  Needless to say, we were nearly crawling to the sink we were laughing so hard.  Another diaper.  Another outfit.  3 outfits and 5 diapers later, we got her pieced back together and sleeping soundly.  

It was only 11AM.

On a much more positive, sweet little baby princess note, she did great at the doctor's office.  She has gained all of her weight back plus two ounces, now weighing in at 7 pounds 2 ounces.  All 283 concerns I had were actually not concerning at all.  She is perfectly healthy and doing as well as can be expected!  We couldn't be more thankful for our sweet and sour little Reesey.

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One Response to “sweet gone sour”

Katie said...

Kara, I LOVE this story!! Sweet little Reesey just christened you into the real world of mommyhood. Kylie had (many) days like this and now that she is almost 2 years old and starting potty training, I actually miss the poop-filled, sleepless days (and nights). It's crazy! Reese is just beautiful. I love seeing pictures of her precious little face! Hope you got some sleep and a shower. :)