Reese Rylie's Debut

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reese Rylie made her debut Wednesday, September 22, 2010.

We checked in with the doctor Tuesday afternoon to decide our check in time for the hospital and with little labor progression on my own, she decided 5:30AM would be perfect for Wednesday! YIKES!
One last shot of the belly just hours before...

So 5:30AM rolled around quickly after packing the bags, diaper bag, and Creed's lunch box...only 3 hours of sleep and we were on our way to the hospital!
 Creed was super excited! Ok...and maybe a little nervous!
 We were all settled in and hooked up to all the goodies by about 6AM and the waiting began...

 Apparently, Reese knew it was her day...when they hooked me up to the monitor that morning I was already having contractions every 3 minutes on my own so we didn't think the labor would last too long.  But, with still very little progression, Creed and his dad decided it was time to get dinner 12 hours into labor...come 6PM I was finally making progress and when Creed returned he learned I was 7cm! YAY!  Let the excitement begin!

Shift change was at 7PM (thank goodness because I wasn't a huge fan of the nurse that day, not terrible, but not ideal).  Once the day nurse checked me at 6PM she didn't come back.  She was busy relaying information about her patients to the night nurse.  We called in the photographer (mother of 3 and photographer of several deliveries) for the excitement and she and Grandma noticed Reese was acting differently on the monitor and her heart rate was starting to jump all around - a CLEAR sign she's making her way out!  Next thing we know, the night nurse ran in and said "I think we're having a baby in here" and as she introduced herself she discovered that sure enough, Reese was on her way at 6:35PM!  We cleared the room of the family troops and the oh-so-fabulous Nurse Charlotte brought in her troops and after 3 painless pushes with Charlotte and 3 painless pushes with Dr. Roberts, Reese Rylie made her debut at 7:16PM, weighing in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and 19 1/4 inches long.

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