Day 69

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I walked into Panera yesterday morning and a lovely man says to me "You're not supposed to be expecting mid-summer. My wife and I had all of our children in the beginning of summer so she wouldn't have to go through that heat." I'm thinking, "Yes, that's the ideal situation" but clearly not what has happened here.  So I said "Yes, it's not that bad, it's been fun."  And truly it has been fun! BUT how do you convince yourself of this when it is 90+ degrees everyday?  And it's SEPTEMBER!  

The only method of survival...

The local news caught my attention last night with the words "breaking records" as the weatherman stated, "Well folks, we have broke another record this year.  We have had more days over 90 degrees this summer than ever before.  We have had 68 days over 90 degrees this summer, compared to 11 last summer."  Note to self: that's 6 times the number of days!

They are expecting some relief for the holiday and game weekend, but not to worry, the never-ending "weekly" heat waves are back again for next week. 

And so it will is day 69.

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