Reese's Garden

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My great friend from high school, Kelly, came to town this weekend to help paint Reese's nursery.  5 cans of paint and 48 hours later we transformed her room into a little garden, all inspired by her bedding and a little extra creativity by Kelly!

First, I free-handed the tree on the wall with pencil and the painting began...

almost finished the painting of the tree

Tree painting is complete!

My fabulous director, Kelly, drawing the 70 flowers that wrap the room!

half way there

adding the 3D tissue to the leaves


3D leaves and polka dots

Her little blue bird over the doorway

the inspiration

Thank you for all of your help Kel!

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One Response to “Reese's Garden”

Anonymous said...

It looks adorable. Grandma