Under the Bridge

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

As the title implies, I recently attended a a homeless gathering Under the Bridge.  The event was set up by a fabulous lady who started The Lost Lamb, a faith-based organization assisting the homeless.  Because this lady was once homeless herself, she has earned the respect and trust of all the local homeless population.  It is a bit difficult to tell in the pictures, but there were about 150 people who attended, and continue to attend every Wednesday night because the organization can be trusted so well.  Quite amazing!  Included in the event was a line to choose donated clothing and blankets, a medical table (where I hung out) for vital signs, blood sugar readings, and basic first aid, a prayer before the meal with music and singers, and then finally the big 3 course meal.  The basic first aid became a little more complex when I had a man approach me with a diabetic ulcer down to the bone in his foot...terrible, but very pleasant man!  HE actually taught ME how to do the bandaging and wraps for his condition!  The man was later told by the supervising physician he would need to have his entire foot amputated.  He proceeded to tell us he is having such a hard time with his feet because all he is trying to do is "get back on his feet" and everyone he runs into keeps telling him to stay off his feet.  Because the homeless population is growing so rapidly (due to our current economic situation), there are too many people now to stay at the missions and shelters during the day so they are forced to walk all day every day to pass the time until the next meal.  What a life!

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