Wednesday, April 29, 2009

L to R: Laura, Erinn, Clint, Jody, Me, Nicki, Travis, Friend, Friend, Heather,
Rob, Will, Shelly, Torrey, Brandi, Christy, Cathy, Julie, Danielle, Kate, Melissa

We have a new class tradition for Wednesday nights. They are now spent together, some of us running our hearts out, catching fly balls, and batting harder than ever, while others are sitting in the stands cheering and screaming our hearts out (in between quizzing each other for our Thursday night quizzes). Our PA class of 2010 has created our very own softball league to compete in the city club, so very appropriately called Scrubs. We have completed our first three games, winning second place in all three of the games so far. Our spotlight opportunity has yet to come, but I know we're on our way to victory, just off to a slow start. The turtle wins the race.

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