2 Old Ladies and 1 Spring Chicken

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 2 started off with a fabulous hike through Griffith Park up to the Hollywood sign. Kelley and I didn't quite realize what we signed up for and realized our age is setting in...or maybe it was just our lack of hiking experience. It was quite entertaining for the spring chicken of the group AKA Jocelyn. She recorded some of our near death experiences that will be included in the trip video! Get ready to pee your pants! From there, we were off to Jay Leno. This didn't go quite as planned as there were some very extreme Prince fans and we were pretty far back in line. However, we did make "the cut" into the show. Although we will not be on t.v., we had a great time watching the recording. Being that Carly, Jocelyn's roommate, works at NBC for Last Call with Carson Daly, she met us after the show and gave us our private tour of the NBC studios. I can officially say I've been on the Carson Daly show! Jocelyn headed off to work tonight and Kelley, Carly, and I went to see "Duplicity" (the new Julia Roberts/Clive Owen movie) LA-style...you don't even want to know what it costs to see a movie here. But in the great deal, you get a personal announcement of the movie that will be playing AND you have assigned seats! Day 2 was a great success!

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One Response to “2 Old Ladies and 1 Spring Chicken”

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the video-great to see you having a good time. Grams