Grandma Gone Country

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

[Hairspray at the Tennessee Theater, Downtown Knoxville]

Grandma (Davis) recently came down out of the Arctic to visit me for 10 days here in Knoxville. We had all kinds of jam-packed fun in the too-short time she was here, from flying to Tampa for the night to see Celine Dion in concert, to experiencing your typical Knoxville bar scenery in the Old City. The weather was great and she escaped just in the nick of time before our huge winter storm...2" of snow. She was oh-so-lucky to see a little "Tennessee culture" at the Barley's Bar where we watched a very country-"Bluegrass" trio strum the banjo to lyrics about drinking Bud and losing teeth and then again, at the basketball game where we sang along to Rocky Top Tennessee, the UT fight song (not to be confused with "honky tonk Tennessee" or "ronky tonk Tennessee" Grandma!). All in all, I think she had a great time, and I can hardly wait for my study-shopping-baking-cooking-vacationing-partner to come back! Miss you already!

Here is a little smorgasbord of our good times...

[Celine Dion concert, Tampa, FL]

[Grandma gettin' down with some classmates (Erinn and Monika)
Hannas in the Old City, Knoxville]

[Grandma's Birthday Dinner, Misaki Japanese Steakhouse, Knoxville]

[Grandma's surprise first experience at a college game, men's basketball, UT VS UF.
And for you Gator fans, the final score: Tennessee Volunteers 79, Florida Gators 63]

Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Grandma!

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