Class of 2010

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

As you may have noticed in my previous post, I mentioned there were 50 of us that made up the class of 2010. 50 of us who experienced something that only we can relate to and understand. 50 of us from all around the country coming together for quite possibly the most difficult 27 months of our lives. 50 of us that blindly entered and completed our first quarter. 50 of us that dissected the astonishing human body in awe. 50 of us that laughed together, cried together, studied together, stressed together, celebrated together.

Yesterday, we learned our class would be one less, as one of us came to realize that this path wasn't the right one for him. After learning his wife is expecting their first child and with an alternative plan in place to pursue teaching/coaching, Joe has left us to pursue his new dreams.

Today, we have learned that yet another one of us will be moving on to pursue new dreams. Good luck, Juan! To of all our surprise, the Class of 2010 is now made up of 48 of us.

From the Class of 2010, while you will be greatly missed, we wish you both the best in your next success.

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